Pet Silhouette Revisited

DSC04299Way back in Early 2010 when I began SOTG, one of the first crafts/projects I shared was my Kitty Cat Silhouette.
cat silhouette 2Obviously, this was back when I was just starting to photograph for the blog. Before I knew not to use a flash. Before I realized I should get up close and personal with the photo subject. Before, before, before. Not that I’m any expert now, but I have learned a few tricks!
So, all I did to make this cute take on a traditional home decor accessory was:
  1. Took/found a profile photograph of my cat, Waffles.
  2. Enlarged it on my computer to the size I wanted to silhouette.
  3. Traced the shape onto a white piece of paper I held up to the computer screen.
  4. Cut out the white paper shape and traced around it on black cardstock/construction paper. Cut out the black shape.
  5. Spraypainted an oval plaque I thrifted black.
  6. Modgepodged a pretty patterned oval onto the center of the plaque, then modgepodged black cat shape onto it.
  7. Used distressing ink and some diluted gold/lt. brown craft paint to “age” the design.
  8. After letting it all dry, spraypainted the entire plaque and design with clear coat sealant.
DSC04302That’s it! Now we have a fun keepsake pet silhouette to enjoy and decorate with for years to come! And Waffles is oh-so-proud…
cat cowboyI’m submitting this post to Make and Takes’ pet projects request.
CY, Laurie


Jessica said...

So cute!

Melissa said...

That is fun. Thanks for sharing over at Tuesday Tell All.

Helby said...

This is a cute idea! Might have to do this for my two girls.

PEACHES said...

GENIUS. Waffles is one lucky fur baby. I'm totally jealous!