Clothes Hanger Art?! (Nautical Inspiration)

hangchor 3

Happy Monday! Today, I'm sharing my newest art creation with y'all ~ an anchor-ish type form made from clothes hangers!

Hangchor 1

I’m calling it a “hang-chor.” I unwound a couple hangers, bent and twisted them, and wrapped floral wire around them until they resembled an anchor as much as possible. I mounted the finished product on an old canvas which I painted in aqua and green tones.

Now my laundry room has some "sophistication!"

CY, Laurie

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Football + Burlap = Fall Wreath!

Hello! Popping in with a super cute and festive Autumn Wreath Idea that is FUN and EASY to whip up!

I just de-summerfied my side door wreath and added some Fall Football Decor! I was inspired by the super cute large burlap football team wall hangings I've been seeing around like this one, so I made my own mini-version and painted an autumn greeting on it! Here's the before and after:


Have you hung an Autumn wreath yet? Maybe I'm jumping the gun - it IS still August!

CY, Laurie

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Personal Pondering…Blog Future?

Coming to a place of wondering…

Maxfield_Parrish art

…in what direction Scene of Sublime is going?

I feel a real disconnect lately between me and my readers…is anyone out there? Because of the recent trend of decreasing comments, I sometimes feel like I’m writing, talking, etc to “dead air.”

Now, I’m not upset, exactly, I share on the blog because I enjoy it! But feedback is always great and dialogue is what keeps a blogger going!

So, I’m pondering…the blog and what it’s place is in my life…Should it continue? Should it transform in any way? 

To that end, you may see changes here...less of me..different types of posts...just don't know at this point...just pondering....

Hmmmm… We shall see…

CY, Laurie


New Way to Make Cake! {simple solution}

dr pepper cakes 2

I discovered the COOLEST way to make cake recently!!! I had seen something on Pinterest about using yogurt as a substitute for eggs and oil with cake mix. So, I was hunting for that when I found this:

dr pepper cakes 3

It’s an awesome link that tells MANY substitutes to use with cake mix, including soft drinks!

I had boxes of both CHOCOLATE and RED VELVET cake mix I wanted to make, so I used 1/3 bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper with each box (each box made 12 cupcakes to give you an idea of the amount of cake mix).

They came out absolutely deliciously and no one had any idea they were made with Diet Dr. Pepper! Couldn’t taste it at all and they baked up perfectly! Now, if I had been making a lighter cake mix (yellow, white, etc), I would’ve used Sprite or something. I am LOVING this new (to me) baking trick!


CY, Laurie

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Target Card Winner!

Announcing the WINNER of the $25 TARGET Card Giveaway:

Commenter #1
Frugal Mom from California

I'll be emailing you for information :)

Congratulations! And thanks to those who entered! I love 
your tips and plan to use them! 

CY, Laurie


DIY Anchors Away Tee

anchor tee 4

Anchors have become an important symbol in my life of late. I really love this scripture:

anchor scripture quote

So, I was browsing around on Etsy, as I often do, and found this adorable top:

anchor blouse

But, I kept going back and forth on spending the money on it. Usually, if I am very undecided on spending money on something, it means I probably shouldn’t! So, I decided to try to make a cheap version for myself!

anchor tee 1

I purchased an inexpensive women’s tee and a spray bottle of fabric paint at a craft store. I made my own anchor stencil by drawing an anchor on carboard and cutting out the anchor. I simply sprayed the fabric paint onto the tee shirt inside the stencil form.

anchor tee 2

My results! I love the pink neon against the black anchor. Making my own version is a VERY cheap way to embrace the current neon fashion trend without dropping big bucks.

anchor tee 6 
(Sorry for the blurry iPhone pic that doesn't do the color justice!)

Now granted, my stencil isn’t very detailed, but the store didn’t have a large one, and I didn’t want to spend much money! So making my own was a great way to go for moi!

anchor tee 4

For my first try, I’m liking it! Especially for only a few dollars :)

CY, Laurie

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Sublime Tips Week Day 5: YOUR TURN (Tip Linky and TARGET Card Giveaway!)

Now that I’ve shared some of my fave tips with you this week:


…it’s YOUR TURN!
target gc

If you want to have a chance to win a $25 Target card...

COMMENT on this post with your fave tips or even COMMENT on this post with a link to a blog post you've written on household tips! 


I’ll randomly draw a numbered commenter as the winner of a $25 Target gift card! (I know this isn't a huge gift card, but it's not sponsored, I'm paying for it myself!) The deadline to enter is Monday, August 13, 2012 at 11:59pm EST.

The WINNER of the TARGET GIFT CARD will be announced on the blog on Tuesday, August 14, 2012. Please see my Giveaway Policies Page for any additional info. Thanks so much for participating!

CY, Laurie

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